Geek System Welcome to Geek System, a collection of little applications that Geeks might find useful... ...or not! :)
Have fun with Geek System!

Well, well, well... Geeks don't care about marketing descriptions and never ever read instructions (though they usually keep their game booklets in a safe place and would be very sorry for losing these precious relics), so it is likely that the following will never be read... However, for those who really have nothing else to do (or who are just feeling curious), here is a description of what Geek System is about:
Last but not least, Geek System is environmentally friendly: the application is highly optimized, resulting in a very small binary of just a couple of hundreds kilobytes; to download Geek System to your iPhone is much faster than to get an app of several megabytes, hence it takes less power and has a lower impact on the environment! Save the planet, get Geek System instead of a big crappy app! :D


Main Menu Binary Clock Blocks Clock Stack Game Time Master Dance Floor Pitch Robot Nerd Test Passport


Geek System is now available on the App Store!


If you are looking for some help to answer the "Nerd Test" questions, you can visit the hints page.
To know how to publish feeds from Geek System to your Facebook account, have a look to the Facebook integration page.
For other questions or problems, please contact support.hknrx@gmail.com.