Flamin Maze Welcome to the Devil's hideout, an inextricable underground structure from which no adventurer ever came back... It is said that each floor is a maze that absorbs vital energy quickly, and which the exit is hidden at the end of the longest path from the entrance! Will you accept this challenge and try to go as deep as possible in these dangerous labyrinths? How many levels will you walk in before the time runs out?

Once entered a new maze, quickly move your finger on the screen to draw a path from the entrance to the spot the farther away (note that there can be several dead ends at the same distance from the entrance, you'll have to check them all and find the good one). Everytime you'll reach the exit of a maze, you'll be awarded a bit of time, depending on the length of the path you traveled, then instantly move to the entrance of the next level... Good luck!

Note: Flamin Maze is OpenFeint enabled!


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Flamin Maze is now available on the App Store!


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